Thursday, December 2, 2010

paper wreath craft for kids

We're getting into the Christmas spirit here and I'm always looking for age-appropriate crafts for my kids. Most of the children I work with are toddler and preschool-aged so these crafts need to be fairly simple and I prefer them to be 'open-ended' crafts. This means that I don't show them what the end result 'should' look like, they are free to create what they want.

There are SO many beautiful papers available at craft stores now and I was just waiting for an excuse to buy some. I don't know what it is with really young children and glue sticks but they just LOVE to glue so a paper wreath seemed like just the right thing for them. I bought 4 or 5 different kinds of paper in varying shades of green. I also picked up a sheet of shiny red paper for the berries (but this is optional). We went with greens and red because these wreaths are for the holiday season but this craft lends itself to so many different looks. For a more modern twist you could use black and white bold prints. Or for an Easter wreath you could use pastel colours, etc. 

It's fairly simple - the rest of the supplies you'll need are paper plate(s), a glue stick and scissors. Because of the age of children I was working with, I went ahead and cut all of the fancy papers into leaf and berry shapes, and cut the hole in the center of the plate.The kids were free to choose which papers to glue and how they were going to glue them.

Easy and festive! Here are the wreaths that my own children made that day:

Try it with your kids and you'll be amazed at how different each one turns out. 

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