Tuesday, November 30, 2010

advent calendar

I decided to do something different this Christmas and make my sons their advent calendars instead of buying those cheapy cardboard ones I usually get. I wanted something that would last year after year. Originally I was going to make just one and put two presents into each pocket. I bought a pre-printed panel from the fabric store and it looked easy enough. A lot of the work had been done for me - I just had to cut on the dotted lines and sew the pockets in the right spots. Easy right? Yes easy AND addictive! As I sewed each of the pockets I kept thinking of what I'd fill them with, and who I could make another advent calendar for.

I returned to the fabric store to pick up a coordinating fabric to cover the back of the panel, and of course, I came home with two more panels! And these ones had instructions.

In the end I made 3 advent calendars for Christmas this year. One for my mom and one for each of my boys. I was relieved to have finish them all by December 1st!

So here's what I did...

Once I cut the panel and pockets, I ironed down the top edges of each pocket and top stitched them down.

Two of the calendars required that many of the pockets be stitched in place with box-pleats so they were a bit finicky but worth it in the end. I really like the way they turned out. 

Once all of the pockets were in place,  I added a layer of batting and quilted the two pieces together. Then it was time to add the back panel, and the two corner pieces at the top to encase a rod for hanging.

And the end results??
These are the ones I made for my boys:

Now to finish filling them up!

Some of the things I'll be putting in them: 
- coins
- gift cards
- coupons for outings
- chocolate (of course!)
- lip balm
- craft supplies such as glitter glue, pre-cut wooden ornaments to paint, mini origami squares
- little action figures
- more chocolate
- small activity books

... you get the idea!
Any of the items that don't fit inside the tiny pockets will get pinned to the quilt itself, wrapped with the day (number) written on it.

I'd love to hear your ideas of what you'd put inside!

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  1. So excited that you started a blog. We have the big blanket advent calendar for the girls but have found it over the years to be quite pricey. This year I am trying to make Jessie tree ornaments that we can use every year instead. We found that it's not what the gift is, rather the anticipation. Have fun


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