Monday, June 13, 2011

airplane-themed party 2

This little man turned 4 recently.

As you may have seen here, we were going for an airplane theme for Evan's party. 

I got lazy and wanted a simple party with very little work so I rented out the child drop-in centre that we frequent. It is closed on the weekends and is very affordable for half a day. It was SO worth it because I didn't have to clean up my house before and again after the party!

The room is a giant play space so all the play activities were taken care of. There were tons of toys, a big play structure with slides and climbing things and outside there were ride on toys, a sandbox and picnic tables. So I really didn't have to do all that much.  Yesssssss.

I did set up a couple of tables as work stations - in keeping with the theme. The first was the 'Customs' area where the children got to stamp their own passports. I couldn't find actual country or flag stamps but the kids didn't mind. They stamped away, and the ones who were old enough to write, printed their names or the names of countries. It was a hit.

The next station I made was for making paper airplanes. I supplied paper, scissors and instructions for creating different types of planes (readily available on the internet).

Again, I was going for the easy route the whole way so I made cupcakes instead of a big cake. I made vanilla cake with white frosting (which may or may not have been from a box) and put marshmallows on top to look like clouds. Then topped them with mini paper airplanes made by big brother Malcolm -thank you very much!

The last station I set up was the 'luggage pick up area' where the kids could assemble their own loot bags with an assortment of plastic planes, Styrofoam gliders, candy, parachute men, and pin-on pilot's wings. I didn't get a picture of the wings but I basically printed off pictures of them (also from the internet), laminated them and taped a pin to the back.

The table also doubled as place to put the gifts.
The party wasn't too structured but when I wanted to mix things up a bit I broke out the parachute for a bit of fun.

And there were squeals.
All in all a pretty fun day for my lil man :)


  1. Fantastic, the kids will remember this for years!
    What a wonderful Mum you are!!

  2. How fun! I like the luggage pick up station. I'll bet your sone loved it.

  3. So many great ideas! Where to start?! From the top I guess, Love the paper airplanes integrated in, the cupcakes with the marshmallow clouds were adorable and I like that the luggage station was in a suitcase :). I bet it was so stinkin fun. Great work Jo!

  4. By the sounds of all the giggling kids at the party, I would have to say, Evan's party was a hit! I also had lots of fun :)


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