Thursday, June 30, 2011

my lil piece of history

So I have this chair that I recover every once in a while to suit my ever-changing tastes. Recently I stripped it down to the bottom layer where it had been professionally reupholstered. 

And then I covered it with this really cute fabric that I found at the thrift store. 

I love being able to change the look of the chair so easily.

But wait, what's that I hear?!

Oh it's the chair ....SCREAMING to be painted black!

I know I know. I so desperately want to paint this chair but it is so much more than just a plain ole chair. To me it's a piece of history! This chair used to be in a castle!

image source
 Yup that's right. This chair once proudly hosted plenty a bottom at none other than Le Chateau Laurier.

- okay so it was in the restaurant of an almost castle.
- and okay so it's not crazy history but it's part of the Canadian capital city's heritage! I'd hate to screw it up! Who knows who might have sat in it. With those of you unfamiliar with Ottawa, this castle sits between the Parliament Buildings and the US Embassy! I mean Pierre Trudeau could have sat on this chair!!

And sure she's been beaten up over the years but just look at the wood on her.

And so, my dilemma....
Maybe I should paint everything but the back column with the groovy wood.
What do you think? Leave it or paint it?!


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