Thursday, December 9, 2010

on-the-go car mat

I have a confession to make: I am no Fashionista. When it comes to clothes I really don't know what I'm doing. I dress plainly and avoid taking 'fashion risks'. For the most part, I dress in browns, blues and lots of black. I know it's boring but those are my 'comfort' colours. When I want to wear a bold colour, I put on a black shirt and bring in some fun through my accessories. I love how so many colours seem to 'pop' next to black.

When it comes to dressing and making things for young children though, I tend to avoid black. Well, today is the exception. I wanted to use this really great race track fabric but had a tough time finding a coordinating fabric out of my 'stash'. Because the fabric has black in it, I figured the thin black corduroy I had would be my best choice. This project is going to be for a special little busy body in my life. It's bound to get dirty so I figured, why not black?!

Here it is. It looks like a bag, but this really isn't just any little bag. It has pleated pockets to hold little cars with some fun car prints (love that Riley Blake fabric) blanket stitched onto them. 

Outside of the bag

Close-up of the pocket

 ...but it's when you open it up, that the magic happens.

Inside the bag

And there you have it. A compact, travel play mat that's washable!
It also has vecro closures for when my little one needs to pack it all away and bring it to his next destination!

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