Thursday, October 27, 2011

the henry shirt

By now I'm sure you've seen this book floating around blogland.

'Sewing for Boys' by Shelly Figueroa & Karen LePage

Having two boys of my own, I just had to have it. So when I recently scored some really great pillowcases at the Thrift store, I decided to use one of them to make the 'Henry Shirt' from the book. And believe it or not, the size 4 can be made using just one large pillowcase (+ 1 contrasting fabric).

The pattern said it was for the advanced sewer... but I of course I didn't read that until after I had cut all the fabric. 
There was no turning back.

And yes, I was in over my head. 
And there was a lot of seem-ripping.

One of my favourite features in this pattern is the built in pocket on each side.

All in all I'm happy that I attempted this pattern because I learned a LOT.
Now to put the snaps on!


  1. It looks amazing and what an awesome idea!! I typically don't do much kids sewing (too finicky for me!) but you could totally take on a woman's blouse out of a pillow case too - talk about comfy (assuming it's 100% cotton!)Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

  2. Wow! Great job! :) Guess you're an advanced sewer now. :)


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