Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Boy it's been quiet around these parts lately. Sorry about that! I've had a lot of great changes in my life lately, particularly a career change. So my family has been adjusting to new routines and I've been pretty focused on work these past few weeks.

Despite all this, I finally managed to get back into my sewing room and start on my Christmas list of things to make.

A good friend of mine celebrates Christmas with her family by getting new pajamas for everyone. Each year they keep it fun by creating a different theme or colour of PJs to get and they spend Christmas morning opening presents and enjoying each other's company in their new PJs. 

It's a simple tradition but I've always thought it was a wonderful one, especially for families like hers that live in different cities and come together over the holidays. Then all winter when they put on those jammies, I'm certain they are reminded of their special time together. So heartwarming.

I've decided to adapt this little tradition to my own family. My children are still quite young and always need new clothes. So I hope to make them each a brand new pair of pajamas for Christmas every year. Perhaps it will be their one gift they can open on Christmas Eve night and wear them to bed for the next morning.

I've got one pair down, one more pair to go.

What's your favourite Christmas tradition?
Tis the season!

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