Wednesday, July 27, 2011

playroom table & chairs

I've been slowly working on updating our playroom.

I have a few things that I've picked up from various garage sales over the years and I've been meaning to give them a fresh coat of paint. I just got around to it recently and am happy with the results.

So here is one of the chairs I bought. It came with another chair just like it and a table that was beyond repair. I paid $10 for all 3 pieces (and tossed the table). The chairs were vintage and super heavy duty. Yup should do for my boys!

Then I came across this Ikea bench. You can't tell from the photo but it was in rough shape. The paint on the back was all scratched and chipped. 
I paid $5-$10 for it (I can't remember now).

Next I bought this sturdy little table for $10. I don't have the before, before picture. This is after I had painted a small chalkboard area on the top.

I freshened up the chalkboard paint and painted the legs white. Actually I was going for cream... it looked so much creamier than white in the store. Honest!

I painted the chairs blue and the bench all one colour. 
Again, you can see that I'm 'paint colour challenged' because I was going for a more cherry red but got a rusty-brownish red instead. Sigh.

I love the way the chairs turned out though so I might just paint the bench to match.

That's a peek at our little 'work bench' as my boys like to call it. All the pieces fit together as a great set, ready for hours of entertainment - even for fort building. 
Not bad for $30!


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