Tuesday, May 17, 2011

table makeover - part 1

I've been looking for a pedestal table for our dining room for some time now. 
And last week, I found one at the Thrift store. 
It needed some TLC but was only $149, had two leaves and 6 chairs! I couldn't believe my luck!

I brought her home.

This is the only 'before' picture I have. It's disassembled but you get the idea.
I started with the table, and hope to paint and distress the chairs in the near future.
So I sanded. 
And sanded.
And grew big muscles.

Then I stained:

And varnished:

And today, we finally ate our first meal on our new table.
It was wonderful. 
And shiny.

Hmmm now let's see...

Yup, good enough for dancing on :)


  1. Looks amazing and all for 149$ Now that's what I call a true bargain! Great moves Evan and I love your shirt! Natalie

  2. Wow! That looks so pretty! I painted mine...didn't have the nerve to sand and varnish it! Yours is beautiful and I love the dancing! Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday! :)

  3. looks great! wonderful job and at such a great deal!!

  4. Beautiful!! And of course, every table MUST be suitable for dancing!! Adorable!

  5. Beautiful! How much time did it take? Really lovely.


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