Friday, May 13, 2011

holy smocks!

(sorry I couldn't resist)

Okay so Blogger was down yesterday and deleted my last post.
Here's a condensed version of what was here before...

I am in the process of making smocks for my son Evan's preschool. 
It's a cooperative preschool, which means parents pay a lower fee by volunteering to help out in the classroom each month, cleaning the school, etc.
This particular school is a really good one and has been around for quite some time.  
I offered to help out with any sewing they might need and they gave me some bright yellow fabric to make some new smocks.

The teacher wanted a panel of flannel on the front of them - I'm not quite sure why but I'm guessing for extra absorption.
The fabric isn't really fun to work with and bunches really easily so the next smocks I make will have bias tape edging to give them some needed weight.
What do you do to help out at your child's school?

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