Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is one of my most cherished pictures. It was taken 4 years ago in Barbados.

It is just as meaningful to me for what you see, as for what you don't see.
This is a fun, loving picture of my husband with my oldest son during one of his first experiences in the ocean. 
Their faces couldn't possibly smile any bigger. And I can still hear the sound of the ocean that day and the cackling laughter of my boys.

I took this picture - in paradise. At sunset. Pregnant (and possibly glowing) with my next son.
So to me, this picture represents my family at one of our happiest of moments.
Just looking at this picture warms me up.
I wish we were all back there together now...


  1. I absolutely love this photo, and you guys were so relaxed when you got home from that trip. Cheers to happy memories!

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  3. Great picture I love the tiny surfer right smack in the middle just behind Malcolm at the waters edge.

  4. I see the cruise ship off in the distance but can't see a surfer. My eyes are going though.... ;)

  5. It is just a tiny wave but it looks like a mini surfer

  6. Beautiful photo. I hope it's on a wall in your house. Visiting from Project 52.

  7. beautiful photo! And what it represents means so much, that is one of the reasons I love photography. Capturing that moment, and every time you look at it, it will bring back those same memories for you for years to come. Just gorgeous.

  8. That's a lovely photo and exactly how I felt when I was in Barbados five years ago. It's an amazing place!


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