Friday, January 21, 2011

cute as a button

I learned about this neat technique for painting fabric on one of my absolute favourite blogs and couldn't wait to try it. So out I went, in search of some freezer paper and a plain white toddler-sized t-shirt. I printed out a phrase in a font that I liked and traced it onto my freezer paper to create a stencil. Then I carefully cut out the letters and ironed the stencil onto the shirt. I chose some fun fabric paint colours and dabbed them onto the shirt.

Honestly, this was such a fun technique that I had to stop myself from freezer stenciling everything I own!! Consider this your warning that there will be many more projects like this one to come...

I made this shirt for my friend's 1 year old daughter Brooke.

Once the fabric paint dried I sewed a big blue button onto the shirt.

Earlier this week I showed you one of my books, called Handmade Beginnings, by Anna Maria Horner. It has an adorable pattern for reversible pants and I wanted to make them for Brooke to go with the shirt.

I lucked out and found some fabric with the same colours as the ones I used on the t-shirt (yes I know ...most people would have chosen the fabric first, but not me!) 

As usual, I aimed for super girlie. 
This is the front of one side - perfect for Valentine's Day, don't ya think?!

...and this is the back of the reverse side.
Aren't they fun? I love the panel on the bum!

Brooke has the most amazing big brown eyes and I just know that she can pull off such bold colours. I made the pants a touch big so that she can roll the hems and grow into them.

It's so much fun to make handmade gifts. To me, when someone takes the time to make a gift it means that much more. What's your favourite handmade gift to make?


  1. Brooke and Mommy Loved this hand made outfit as did many other cooing Mothers in the crowd. Thanks so much Jo for once again spoiling my daughter! She will be sure to be the talk of the town in her new, cool, him, JO outfit!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the link up Jo! That outfit is SO, SO, SO cute! Great work.


  3. Awesome Jo! If Jill didn't already have Hannah's hand me down's I would be employing you to make all her clothing!

    1 question: Is freezer paper composteable like parchment paper? If so where can I get it?

  4. What a cute outfit! I love to freezer paper stencil!

  5. Oh my goodness, so cute! I'm going to feature this tomorrow.


  6. So cute! Handmade gifts are definitely much better in my book; thanks for the inspiration! I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party!


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