Friday, May 11, 2012

Thrift Store Cabinet - Before and After

Little by little, I've been working on redoing my living room. 
I'm trying to reclaim the space from my kids but when you're on a budget, it's a slow process. 
I scored this cabinet from the Thrift store that I thought would work well in the room - with a little TLC.
I paid $40 for it. You can't really tell from the picture but it's about 4 feet tall. I love that it has glass doors!

I'm not too sure how old it is - I'm thinking 60s or 70s era.
I knew I wanted to paint it black, but had envisioned a bold graphic print on the inside back panel. I thought about a bold colour like turquoise... but just couldn't commit.

Then I fell in love with this fabric and decided to use it. 

I covered foam board (from the dollar store) for an easy change-up if when I get tired of it.

 And the result....

I changed out the knobs with ones I already had from a previous project.
Then I just threw some things in (will have to rearrange them later).

Those of you with a keen eye will notice the new paint colour in the room. 
That's Benjamin Moore's Wish. My new favourite paint colour. For now.

You might have also noticed that I need longer curtains. I haven't gotten to that yet. 
And I think I'll wait since this room's getting new windows soon!

I'm anxious to have a grown-up space of my own again but it feels like it's taking forever! 
Baby steps.

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