Tuesday, September 6, 2011

apple pie

With the recent cold weather, I find myself wanting those Fall-type comfort foods. 

You know the ones. The kind that fatten you up for those cold months ahead. 

There's something about the changing of the season that brings about that nesting / baking thing in so many of us. We can get into the kitchen and start warming the house with baked goods once again.

The start of school has also played a role in my recent baking hobby. A new school year brings new commitments and high expectations of packing healthier, more homemade lunches for my kids.

Well, at least more homemade anyway.

What do you do with that little bit of pastry left over from your pie?


  1. My Grandma use to make these wonderful cookies called Maids of Honor with her left over pie dough. It's basically, pie dough, jam and a dollop of white cake batter on the top..... so yummy!!
    Natalie :)

  2. Now that sounds DELICIOUS! I think I'd follow it up with some chocolate drizzled on top too. Okay I'm salivating now!!


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