Thursday, April 7, 2011

star wars birthday, part 1

It's an exciting time over here as we're preparing for Malcolm's birthday party.
He asked for a Star Wars theme and I cringed. 
A part of me was happy to avoid the big expensive party for yet another year, but the other part of me gasped at all the work that could involve. Party planning isn't a strength of mine and I'm in awe of all those mums that do it with such ease. Needless to say I didn't think I'd be able to pull this one off. That was until I came across this blog.

How perfect - someone has done all the planning for me! I don't have to make time to sit and watch all the Star Wars films from start to finish and figure out how to create a party out of it - I just have to execute the ideas and bake the cake! Sounds just right for me. 
And now I'm actually getting kinda excited for this one. I may even watch the movies once this is all said and done.

So last night we made the invites - a bit late but what can ya do. Most of the words were taken from that wonderful blog mentioned above. I just changed them a bit to suit our needs and added a picture. I glued the printouts onto black card stock and folded in half.

Next up - a death star pinata.
Stay tuned to see if I can pull the rest of these big plans off....


  1. Malcolm is going to LOVE this!! Can't wait to see the other ideas you come up with!! Natalie

  2. thanks for the shout-out!! (saw your site coming up on my visitors list so i stopped by!) the invites look great! i'd love for you to come by & leave me a comment when you post about the party, can't wait to see how it all turns out!!

  3. oh my maybe Hannah should watch Star Wars before the party? Gotta do the Princess Lea(sp?)hair at least :)


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